MSN problem

I can’t seem to log on to MSN messenger.

It logged off and when i tried to log on again it says “too many times logged in with the wrong password”

What the heck is going on? does anybody know?


As far as I know you can just wait ten mins then try again.

You didn’t just download the newest version 7, did you? It’s given me nothing but problems, yet it wouldn’t let me log in till I updated (could also be your problem).

If you are using an alternative IM program (e.g. Trillian), you will have to download an update. MSN just recently changed the login procedure and broke a bunch of IM programs (probably intentionally).

(Grumble, the spelling nazi is rewriting IM as I’m!)

I too have a similar problem. Whenever I try to log into my hotmail account it says I need to match some a picture. Usually, some letters and numbers. When I do this it takes me right back to the log in screen. I have tried countless times but to no avail. I can’t log into my hotmail account. Just to add I have cookies enabled and I have tried many different browsers and even logging in at a different computer.