MTB or Gravel bike?

Presently in UK using my Santa Cruz Superlight full suspension bike that I plan to ship to Taiwan when I return.

However present riding conditions where I am a gravel bike would be better option to use.
Cycle routes here go from road to gravel frequently and suspension bike on road is a pain and slow, even with front suspension locked out and rear set firm.

I’m pondering wether to sell the Santa Cruz and build a gravel bike or buy ready made.
Then again I feel a MTB would be better for me to take to Taiwan?
Then I’ll have my road bike that I have bought Di gear set for and a I think cool MTB.
I’m hoping to return December or early 2022.

Bikes currently appear to be on a “pay now, receive in 2023” basis.

Stick with what you’ve got, in my opinion.

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Definitely consider bringing over what you have, but would just bring what you need to build the road bike.

Not too many chances to ride gravel or mtn bike unless you throw the bike in the car and drive out.

I have my road bike in Taipei at friends apartment. I’ve bought Di2 gear set for it in UK.

I’m returning with minimal luggage as I left most behind, so plan to bring bike on flight, I’ll not get much selling in UK and will have nowhere safe to store it.

I am riding a MTB in Taiwan since 1997, set it up for road use with lighter wheels, smaller tires and hydraulic rim brakes (that’s all there was back then).
Has seen at least 50.000 km if not more.

Nowadays it is just one of my various bikes, but I still love to ride it, probably my favorit, super comfy, and nothing goes faster down Yangminshan than a flat-bar.


There aren’t that many gravel roads in Taiwan. It’s either nicely paved roads that are suitable for a road bike, or steep, rooted hiking trails on which you’d best be on a full suspension MTB to ride. The only reason to get a gravel bike here is to lower your chances of getting a puncture on paved roads. Of course you can also venture into remote areas where the roads may have a concrete surface, but those are rare.

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Even on concrete, modern road bikes with wider tires will do just fine.

Bet you can’t buy them any more! Smart looking bike.
I have More confidence riding fast downhill on a flat bar.

Seems best to ship MTB over with me.

Gravel best for where I am presently, North of England getting cold probably not going to be doing that much riding now.