Muliple Entry Question

I will be applying for my visitor visa soon at TECO’s Chicago branch. I spoke with someone on the phone on Friday their office, but i want to verify what I was told.

  1. A 60 day multiple entry visa means that I just need to leave the country and re-enter every 60 day, and I can keep doing this until the visa expires? Or does it just mean that I can leave and re-enter multiple times within the 60 days, and every 60 days I need to leave and buy a new visitor visa if I want to stay in Taiwan?

  2. How easy is it to get the 60 day multiple entry visa from TECO? Do people get denied?

  1. EDIT: I was copying and pasting and got the last part in there wrong. See the post below.

  2. It depends. Yes. This is discussed in a number of other threads.

Multiple entry valid sixty days means that you can continue to come into taiwan and stay a max of sixty days until your visa expires.

When you leave and come back a new sixty day cycle begins.

Not sure if its harder these days to get the sixty day visa. I dont know of any reason why it would be.

Ok thanks for the replies, but I have another question.

When send in my itinerary with my visa application, does it matter where my onward flight is bound? Would they be suspicious of my itinerary: US -> TPE -> Bangkok, because I wouldn’t need a multiple entry if I didn’t show proof of needing to enter a second time.

I only have a one way ticket to TW, and I would prefer not to buy another one way back to the US, even if it was refundable.

I realize you guys can’t give me a definite answer, for TECO can be quite unpredictable, but I am interested in any insight you might have.