Multi-currency bank in Taiwan

Hi everyone,

There are any local banks or foreign banks that allow their costumers to open an account in a multi-currency? EUR and TWD
This is my solution to make transfers of fund and wires etc. from my Euro account (foreign in Italy) and an account based in Taiwan.
With my acocunt the fees are very low for credit or debit card but the wires are not pretty good.
Which banks offer this solution?
If you know more could you post fees for cards and other fees for accounts?
USA banks work very diffeent from European based banks.

Once you are eligible to open a bank account here, you can also open a foreign currency account. It is seperate from your TWD account and can usually hold quite a few foreign currencies. Megabank’s can hold up to ten different ones I think, I use it to transfer USD and HKD to Taiwan and then transfer the money to my TWD account when the rate is good (rate does not change much for these currency pairs though, EUR changes quite a bit).