Multilingual Forum

Can I have a multilingual forum?


[This topic was originally called “Gus” – g.]

This question could be answered in a lot of complicated ways. But I’ll save you the trouble and pick the simplest ones:

  1. AFAIK, all the forums on are “multilingual” – you can post in different languages, I do not believe the pages “force” a particular encoding (and if I’m wrong, lmk and I’ll amend the header templates asap). Granted, there is a Spanish forum – but this is as much for the Spanish speaking community as for anything. I’d like to think of the greater community to be a multilingual community (by and large)

  2. You can create your own forums – by all means do. And if it’s Taiwan-oriented, lmk and so I can post up the link somewhere (oops, never got that section off the ground :blush: ). In fact, I’ve posted about this myself ( and even provide pre-modified Segue-like codes if you want to set up something familiar. What’s a little bizarre is that you already asked this question (you are the topic author of that thread), and it seems you’ve already set up a phpBB forum. I guess this isn’t what you are asking then

  3. Do you want to be a moderator? There aren’t any pressing needs for moderator help at the moment (PM me if you disagree), but state your case and I’m all ears (er, eyes – all 4 of them). Now, if you want, why not be a part of our Creative Braintrust? You’ve been a pretty dedicated member and have offered creative suggestions. Lmk if you’re interested in joining that group.

Gus, I offer my soul to the group then… when is the inauguration date… I’ll moderate a forum called Multilingual Issues.