Multimedia classes (preferably in Taoyuan or Taipei)

Hi guys, I just want to know if you know any places (preferably in Taoyuan or Taipei) offering multimedia or digital art classes in English. I know this might be impossible to find here in Taiwan, but I am making a shot in the dark here. By digital art, I mean Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash or anything related to these.


lots of classes in chinese … i get ads for them a couple times a month.

nothing in english though, AFAIK.

Hope I am not sending you on a wild goose chase but this is our friend’s computer school:

They specialise in more programming and server admin, but hey offer 3d, CAd classes:

And they may be able to help with other areas, I’m not sure.

The site is all in Chinese but they have English-speaking staff and Ben told me before they can accomodate English-speakers in their classes. You can call and ask for Ben, tell him Katrina suggested you call to see if they have what you are looking for.

(The school is near Nanking East Road and Fushing South Road MRT station.)

Tel: 0800-296-296

Thanks, asiababy, for that suggestion.

I have just checked their website and I think what they are offering is a little too technical for me. But I’ll look into it.

By the way, I can understand/read a little Chinese, but I doubt that will be enough for me to take up any classes taught in Chinese, especially those using technical jargon. That’s why I was hoping for English classes. :slight_smile:

Hi k33, would it just be you or are more than one of you interested in doing this?

I ask because if you need a level which is different from a standard class, you might want to consider a private teacher. Obviously if there are two or more of you, this becomes more economical for you.

Actually, I am the only one who is really interested in having this kind of class. My other friends are also interested, but they may or may not take the class.

As to the level I need for the class, I am only starting to learn (read: beginner). I tried learning on my own, but the problem is I don’t learn much. :slight_smile: That is why I prefer having a class.

If I am going to have a private teacher, how much will it cost me (provided I find one)? And where can I find good teachers for this kind of class?

Are you near a university? You could try going to the design dept and putting up an ad. If you are a beginner a student might be able to help you and have time to do so.