Multiple Entry Visa - multiple stays?

Hi all,

I’m looking for some kind of real world confirmation about the way multiple-entry visas work. Specifically, if you have a 60-day visa that is valid for one year, does that mean you can have multiple 60-day stays within that year, without additional applications/extensions?

I haven’t been able to find this information on the forums, partly because the search feature is returning very garbled results (posts blend together and there are a lot of

and other html tags visible).

Further clarifying questions:

For example, could I stay 60 days, go to Japan, then come back and stay another 60 days? Does each exit restart the 60-day clock? Or are there specific requirements (must return to country of origin, etc.)?

The sites I look at all suggest “an MV is valid for one to five years from the date of issue, and may be used to enter Taiwan an unlimited number of times during that period as long as each individual stay does not exceed 180 (60 X 3) days.” Is this right? Is it really this simple?

Yes, that’s exactly how it works, if we had a border you could step across it get a stamp and come back. so if you go to Japan for a day or two when you return you have another 60 days. You can probably do that once maybe even twice with little or no hassle but if you do it too much they get mighty suspicious and have the right to deney you entry (it happened to my friend, he had to fly back and forth to and from hong kong 3 times before someone let him re enter)

Why would they get suspicious? That’s exactly what a multiple entry visa is.

they think you are working illegally…

Isn’t it possible to have a work permit without actually having an ARC?

This might be useful: Visitor Visa applicaton

Yes. That’s what musicians, visiting professors etc get.

It all depends. A certain someone had used a multiple entry visa for three years, going in and out as much as 10 times per year and nobody at immigration ever asked any questions.