Multiple Entry Visitor Visa

Hello everyone,

I will be studying in Taipei (NTNU) for 5 months :discodance: I intend on taking the opportunity to be in Taiwan to travel all around Asia.

My question is : can I leave and re-enter Taiwan as many times as I want during those 5 months under a multiple entry visitor visa? Because this visa is valid for 60 days and “renewable 2 times”. Hence if I plan to travel out more than 2 times what is going to happen?

Thank you for your help!

If it says ‘multiple entry’ then you can exit/enter unlimited times during that 60 days. The ‘renewable 2 times’ part means that it’s possible to add an additional 60 days, two more times, for a total stay of 180 days before you must leave Taiwan.

Ok great, thank you!!