Multiple schools on ARC?

I heard that you are now allowed to have more than one school on your ARC. Is anyone actually doing it? And HOW??? Where do we go, who do we ask?

As much as I HATE to post this link, it is all that I’ve got … etters.htm

O.k. But what if you want to remain at the old school? The only things I’ve read also say that you can add the new school, then quit the old one. Nothing ever says that you can happily work at both?!


I have a second work permit.

So now you can work two jobs legally? Both jobs are allowed to pay you, take taxes, and so forth?

I hope this is what you are saying and it’s true. Can you give more details?

I nearly did it, but the second employer was making a tit of himself. He kept insisting that I get signed authority from my first employer to work for him too. He said there was a special form I needed to get.

The first employer produced some kind of handbook, all in chinese. I have no idea where it came from.

His interpretation was that if a second school wanted to hire me then they simply had to go through the same process as they would with any other teacher: medical exam, submit paperwork, etc. There is apparently no need for the two employers to have any contact, but this is Taiwan.

Once the second work permit is issued I think you have to advise the folks who issue the visas, as your new contract will presumably be for a year.

Finally, I believe you have to go to the FAP to get your ARC amended. As I said, I never did it because one school was making an arsehole of himself. He eventually admitted that he was wrong, but I had already quit by then.

Basically, you just have to get on with it and jump through the hoops as they come along. I’m assuming you have to guarantee the new hire 14 hrs/wk tho’.

You do have to go to the FAP and get the ARC amended, but the first employer doesn’t need to know about any of the other employers. You can work at as many as you like at one time except they have to offer minimum hours of perhaps 12 hours per week, not sure of that detail.

Does anybody know more about that detail? If you want to hire people part-time, what would you need to do?

According to an official at the Labor Bureau, there is no minimum number of hours. Maybe you’d better ring them yourself on 02-2564-3157. The point is that you have to do whatever it says in your contract, i.e. whatever the business owner wants.

Does anyone know How long it takes for the second school to be “offically on the ARC”?
I am changing schools. The old school promises to keep my ARC open for a bout a month. So, I need to get an other school on there before my old school cancels.

About a month is how long it took me. Trouble is that it varies, so I can’t say exactly.

Europa, is the ARC duration extended until the expiry of the second work permit, if later than the first?

[quote=“Europa”]The point is that you have to do whatever it says in your contract, i.e. whatever the business owner wants.[/quote]Most contracts say you’re not allowed to do any other work, right? So if the CLA looks at contracts then presumably they can’t give second work permits for most people.

The new work permit is for a year.