Multiple snailmails to Taiwan, via relay in taiwan?

I’m applying for a couple of schools in Taiwan, through the MOE Huayu mandarin scholarship. And I’m just about to send out my applications. I just realized that I’ll have to send a separate application to each school (I misunderstood the process earlier).

Now, I’d be looking at sending like 30 international mails (I’m sending stuff from Canada and from Sweden, and have to send some stuff later etc). And each mail is gonna be like $8-$50 (CAD), yet only contain 1 letter or a few documents.

So, I’m wondering if I could somehow send my stuff through some relay in Taiwan? I.e. I’d send all my stuff in in one big package to Taiwan, and then have someone send them out to the respective schools from there. I’d ask a friend or relative in Taiwan, if I had one, but I don’t! I’ve never visited Taiwan before…

What should I do? Would someone here be willing to do it? (I’d pay of course.) Are there any companies that do this kind of thing?

If you’re applying for a “couple” of schools, why 30 letters? I doubt there are even 30 places you can study Chinese on an MOE scholarship here in total.

And from Canada the rate for a 30g letter is $1.60, 50g $2.30. The maximum weight for a letter is 500g, and that costs $12.80. It seems to me that it’s not going to make much difference how you do it!

Well, the current situation is that I’m applying to 8 schools. 3*8 = 24. (8 x applications Canada -> Taiwan, 8 x documents Sweden -> Taiwan and later 8 x health cert Canada -> Taiwan). 30 was a bit pessimistic. $2? I haven’t found anything cheaper than $8 (~$50 if I need it fast).

Still, it might not be a problem. I have since been in contact with the schools and it seems that most of them (well, the ones that’ve responded so far at least) accept applications by email.

Glad to hear that. … ates-e.asp