Murder case in USA, Taiwan boy killed family there

Was this story ever printed in Taiwan newspapers? I just found it today. Begin here and click more if you want. Did the local China Post ever run this amazing sad story? The last paragraph is what caught me attention, see below. His Taiwan relatives never questioned him on this? WHEW!

A New Life, Shrouded In Mystery

Chen’s Mother, Father Opposed His Romance

By Tom Jackman
Washington Post Staff Writer
Sunday, April 7, 2002

He was 19, a college sophomore, and Edward Chen knew what he wanted. He wanted to be with his girlfriend, and he didn’t care what his parents thought.

But parents have dreams for their children. And Wu-Hung Chen and Yeh-Mei Chen wanted their younger son to concentrate on school, a career, success – not on a teenage single mother from Reston who worked as a waitress.

The elder Chens tried everything to separate Edward from his girlfriend, Mandy, but nothing worked.

Finally, in the summer of 1995, Chen’s parents whisked him back to Taiwan, where Wu-Hung Chen owned a business. When the family returned to their home in Great Falls, the turmoil over Chen’s love life ended quickly. Edward Chen fatally shot his parents and older brother, Raymond, in their bedrooms, police say.

That night, Aug. 17, 1995, seems to have hardly intruded on Edward Chen’s life. He moved in with his girlfriend, had a daughter less than a year later and married his girlfriend a year after that. He sold the family’s real estate holdings in Northern Virginia and spread the wealth around by buying luxury cars for himself and friends.

“He told me since his family was gone, he wanted to have another family,” said Mandy Chen, now Edward Chen’s ex-wife.

Even though police believe the Chens’ bodies lay inside their house for four more years, the killings went undetected and nobody reported the family missing. Chen told friends that his 53-year-old father and 52-year-old mother had been killed in an accident in Taiwan. Relatives in Taiwan were told that the family had died in an accident in Virginia.

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Wow. That is spooky and disturbing story. What if he had just gotten rid of the bodies? Would he have gotten away with murder?