Muse live in taipei 2/28

Muse are headlining a festival at zhongshan stadium. its called spirit of taiwan and is on feb 28th. Awesome live band.

Surprised it’s taken so long for this information to be posted.

Anyone know if any other foreign bands are playing or supporting?

Anyone know where to buy tickets, by any chance? Or any other information that could lead me to it.
I didn’t know anytihng about this event until this thread and I tried Googling but came up with nothing.


Oh, and thanks to the OP for the info!

There was another thread about this a while back, but I can’t find it now.

Here’s the festival site link (Chinese):

So nice of you, Taffy! :slight_smile:

I found English page on that site with ticket selling info:

What happened to those cool free government music shows they used to have on 228? Has it been replaced by this now? They used to have shows at 228 park with some cool Korean bands, Chthonic, etc.

Same thing. Freddy Lin is one of the organizers. I notice they’re also showing The Wind That Shakes the Barley. Should of shown Land and Glory instead. Much better.

f@ck me muse were hellishly good…there were a lot of gobsmacked locals on their first exposure to top draw live rock…cheers freddy…

How was Strike Anywhere? Did any of you see them?

they were pretty good considering they was on in broad daylight and didnt get a good sound mix…why they put plastic poofters of the universe on 3rd to last is beyond me…went down like the proverbial lead zeppelin