Mushrooms of the Day

Birds Nest Fungi


These guys accumulate drops of mercury, so don’t go eating them. You can see them in the cups… those are huge, must be in a typical Taiwan industrial waste ground.

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Really? Surely no moreso than any other…?


that was clearly a joke!


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Gotta admit, you had me going. Not the balls, but the testing…many mushroom exports, including this one, have been denied due to contamination (including heavy metals apparently).

You should not be going around eating fungi that you find in the wild unless you are ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN what it is.

Or you’re dead.

Oh and those poisonous mushrooms are quite tasty… but they will be your last meal.

But seriously, folks… those blobs in the cups are spore sacs.



I saw an amazing amount of mushrooms recently, must be the hot weather and then the continuous rain. But it’s hard to take photos when it’s raining lol.

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What’s that fog? There is no fog. 15 minutes later you’re blind. Sweating gallons, constant, simultaneous puking and diarrhea. You curl up into a ball and wait for death. A few hours later, you’re alive. You’re sight returns. The gift of life overwhelming and sweet. The degree of your surrender is the degree of your success.

In Taiwan, thats called July.

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Or DMT. But not from mushrooms. Get out of my thread lol!

Can I eat this one?


You can always eat it, but the question is if you’ll be still alive the next day.


Nobody stops you.

Maybe not really the mushrooms of the day but I found them in the middle of Taipei city, not far from Chungshan street.

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Been seeing a lot around lately. Been a wet August, eh