Music and swimming classes for 3.5 year old

My family and I are moving to Taipei for 6 months from the US and would like to find music classes for our 3.5 year old son. He is currently enrolled in a class that encourages singing, dancing, and experimenting with different instruments. It’s a very informal class. We’re also looking for a place to take him swimming regularly, and/or to enroll him in a swim class. We will be living near the Zhongxiao Fuxing MRT and don’t mind a little travel by metro or bus to get to a pool or music class. Thanks.


Kindermusik is a popular choice. There are classes run by a “Forumosan” right by your new place. Her classes get great reviews, and even after four years, my son remembers her classes. Classes are in English and she uses a great variety of instruments, props like balls and scarves, and has a storytime.

For swimming, you can contact Judy Kuo for some information. She teaches “baby aqua” for all ages, and will probably know about other classes if she is not running something that fits your needs. I can’t find her email right now but will ask her to contact you or put some information here for you.