Music in Taiwanese Soap Operas

I did a quick search on this but couldn’t find anything, so thought I would start a discussion.

My mother-in-law visits from Australia a few times a year, and while she is here, the TV is effectively hijacked and we all have to watch TW soap operas. Now, personally, I gain a lot of amusement from the use of dramatic music and the way it is used to amplify the emotional effect of situations, sometimes to hilarious effect. I mean, it gets LOUD and often completely overdoes it.

What irks me though, is that I have noticed that a lot of the music is from big-budget western movies, although when I do hear it - as an avid listened to movies’ original scores - I recognize the tracks not as main themes, but as the less recognizable ones. I hear a piece and recognize it on a frequent basis. In recent months, I have heard pieces of music from LOTR and the Matrix to name but a few.

What I wonder, though, is whether or not the people who make the shows pay for the rights to use the music, or do they just rip them, hoping that nobody will notice? Has anyone else noticed this, and what have you heard?