Music industry extends piracy war

Don’t know where this should be posted but since most people who view the technology forum probably have some sort on interest in file sharing I thought I’d share this info.
The only reason I posted it was because they mention ASIA.
Anyone have any idea what countries?

"More than 900 internet file-sharers were threatened with legal action on Tuesday as the global music industry stepped up its anti-piracy war.

The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) announced it was launching 963 new actions in 11 countries in Europe and [color=black]Asia[/color]."

read the rest here:

I don’t read the paper every day, but it seems like they bust one person a year here to pay lip service to international pressure. Some student got strung up about 3 months ago.

OK, the Taipei Times said today by Asia they mean Japan.