Music production equipment - namely computer audio interface

Hey guys,

I’m looking to get a Firewire audio interface (Edirol FA-66) or something similar, but need some advice on shops that stock this kind of equipment - I’ve had some vague tips as to locations of places and have found 1 DJ shop so far, but they didn’t seem to quite go into the production side of things (although some DJ equipment shops might).

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.


Go to Tony’s Music World (Ho Ping Dong Lu sect. 3, Lane 308, # 18). The second floor has at least a dozen models of Firewire audio interface boards. Great music shop. Staff is friendly and speaks English.

The new Guang Hua computer market has a whole floor of audio related stuff. It’s on the corner of Xinsheng and Civic Blvd.

There’s also a shop near the computer market, near the Sunfar shops, which specializes in high-end computer audio stuff.