Music right now?

I’m sitting here reading Segue and listening to “Jackie Wilson Said” by Van Morrison. What you people listen to when you’re online? Like right now???

Hober. For all your unvarnished music needs.
Don’t be put off by the alarming-looking little girls! The music is often stupendous.

Thievery Corporation.

Craig Charles, the guy from RedDwarf, doing his funk show, serving up:

[quote]Grand Master Flash & The Furious Five - White Lines
Ripple - Funky song
Corduroy - Practice What You Preach
McKay - Tell Him
Public Enemy - Power To The People
The JBs - Gimme Some More
Sly & The Family Stone - Stand
Denzel Washington & Wesley Snipes - Pop Top 40
Betty Harris - Ride Your Pony
The Free Association - Everybody Knows (6Music Session)
Jimi tenor - Black Hole
Curtis Mayfield - Superfly
Booker T & The MGs

Thanks Sandman. I’m not sure if I like it so far, but I am thinking about growing a beard…

dj tsuyoshi “break the system down 3” mix

John Cage’s 4’33", over and over again.

Thin White Lines: “Elephant”.

They’re a 2-piece band, but judging by the wall of sound they produce, you wouldn’t know. Hard, loud, gimicky (2-pieces pretending to be 4) and worthy of a listen.

Listen to the bass riff in “Seven Army Nation” and then the blues basics in “Ball and Biscuit”. Dunno what they’re trying to be… but it’s interesting.

The Big Babou :wink:

Bronski Beat

“Taste Those Tears”


Um, do you mean the White Stripes?

Um, do you mean the White Stripes?[/quote]

Obviously he does… (sans the “the”) and yes that album kicks some serious azzesss.

[[quote]i](sans the “the”) [/i][/quote]

Hey Chainsmoker,

Yeah, that album is great.

Sorry, but I thought it was “The White Stripes.”

Here’s a link to their “official” Web site.

They seem to use the “the” throughout the site and on the covers of their allbums.

Not trying to cause trouble, just pointing that out.

But, what does it really matter? (The) White Stripes rock.

The hideously annoying PA announcements from Wang Xi Guo Xiao.

Live stream from my fav German radio station.

The Beta Lounge

Track right now: The Art of Easing - Digable Planets

I am listening to “Twisted by the Pool” by “Cathy Ogden - Fac 15 feat” having yummy brunch…sort of deep house music perfect at da pool side on a lazy Sat. afternoon! It’s increeedibly s*xy, too :sunglasses: .

zzzzzzzzzzzbut I think what I need right now is more vibrant music like Vanessa Mae’s “Storm” or Darude’s “Sandstorm” to wake me up, haha. Actually, I have eclectic taste in music from French opera comique to jungle to acid jazz - I appreciate different music at different times. What do you guys listen to during your coffee break or when you feel lethargic?? Happy listening and groovy weekend!!!

Snog - The Human Germ

Same as Rascal, I believe :?

dj tsuyoshi “break the system down 3” mix

Man, you people have got some good taste in music.

And ya make me chuckle.