Music sessions, either Irish or Appalachian?

Is anyone in Taiwan playing either Irish traditional music or tradititional Appalachian (aka, American “oid-time”) music?

I’ve spent some years in both those parts of the world, and play most of the instruments normally to blame for both genres (with varying degrees of effectiveness).

I ask because I am moving to Taipei in a a few weeks, and I’m now trying to decide which instruments to sell, which to ship once I’m settled in, and which to try to bring on the airplane.

Any help would be helpful.

These guys, Dave Chen & the Muddy Basin Ramblers, are based in Taipei (this is filmed at the CKS Memorial) and I believe three of them post on this forum. Washboard w spoons, washtub bass, banjo, harmonica, mandolin and a guy blowing on a jug – I guess you’d have trouble finding more “old-time” than that.

Sorry about the lousy recording. I was way up in the stands and my little girl was tugging on my arm.