Music studio/Music shop with studio, Yung He

I’m after a music shop with a practice studio in Yung He or a cheap studio in Taipei which has drums etc.

Cheap is the operative word here,

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ABT Music, or Tony’s, or whatever its called, has practice rooms. Actually, most of them do, but this is the one I know about. It’s usually around NT$250/hour or something if you want a room with amps, mics, drums, etc. They also have one or two tiny rooms just for drums if you just want to bash away for a while.
The place is within spitting distance of where we searched for Gustav but I’m sorry, I always forget the address.

There’s Flying V studio about 5 minutes south of Yung An Market MRT Station. $250/hour for a full band practice room. I believe the drum practice rooms are $60 if you just want to play drums.

There is a hidden studio around the corner from Flying V, but the cost will be the same at either studio.

A nearby studio (between Kuting and Technology building stations on Roosevelt) is ST Life studio. They charge $250 per hour (full band room), but there is a discount from 1-5 pm. The room is only $150 an hour at that time.

Let me know and I can provide a phone number for any of these three studios. It’s best to reserve a time before you go, yo.

I know this thread’s 3 years old, but would you still have the number for ST Life Studio? Are there anymore practice spaces for drumming between the Shida and Jingmei areas?

NTU has some practice rooms. I’m not sure about whether it’s easy to join the club if you’re not a student there.

NTUST also has a practice room.

There are also some practice rooms at The Wall, but I don’t know if the info here is still valid (link wasn’t working for me). … Page1.html
The Ball 這牆音樂藝文展演空間
b1F., No.200, Sec. 4, Roosevelt Rd. 羅斯福路四段200號B1樓
Wunshan District, Taipei City 116, Taiwan 台北市文山區
Link: google maps

I always had trouble calling the studios because I know about 13% Chinese, so I usually just went there in person.
Life Studio is across from TLI on Roosevelt Road; I’ll see if I can get more information sometime I’m near there. There’s also another one in Chingmei, but I have no info about that one.

You might try calling Open Strings on Chaozhou Street No. 24 (02-2358-2383). It’s off of Roosevelt just north of Heping East Road (in Taipei). I’ve got no idea if they have practice rooms there, though they should know about where to find some in the vicinity if not.

And you’re conversant in Chinese you could try a forum like: … ory=112864