Music studios in taipei

hey there,
I am looking for a music studio to rent in taipei. prefferably with a drum set, amps etc already in it.
I have heard that Tony’s has rooms which I checked out. Does anyone know of any other spots?
I heard of a place called ST Life on Roosevelt. Anyone know the address of the place?
Thanks, Mac

There are two APA studios…one is in Hsimen Ting, and the other is on Herping (Apa Studio at 127 Hoping E. Rd, Sec. 2, 3F (和平東路二段127號3F)). Somebody has messed up their website, though. I’ll try to find the addresses, because I always thought the Herping one was only the basement part. It’s near the corner of Herping and Shida Roads.
Then there is a small studio in The Wall, on the corner of Keelung and Roosevelt.

And the Roosevelt one is right near my house, between Herping and Shida Roads…it just looks like a little music stores with guitars in the window. I’ll have to find out the address.