Music when my car door is open

My recently acquired car plays obnoxious music whenever any of the doors is open. I located the source and disconnected it. Is there any reason why this might be a bad idea? Does this unit have any other purpose besides annoying me and my passengers?

Also, I’m looking for a place to buy auto parts. Are there any chain stores for this? Or even better if you know a place in or relatively near Puli.

Ha,ha. Only the Koreans would think of that surely.

Maybe try autobacs

So it turns out that the unit that was emitting the irritating music also controlled all other door-open related functions. The “you left your lights on you idiot” alarm no longer goes off. (of course resulting in a dead battery and the need for a jump). The overhead light does not illuminate when the door is open either. I guess I’ll have to hook the stupid thing back up and deal with the music.

Can you change it? Might be cool.