Musician seeking musicians?

Versatile (multiple instruments/genres) and experienced but rusty musician/composer is offering said services to other musicians in either an exclusive (I write/play for you) or reciprocal (we write/play together!) relationship. Reach out via DM and let’s jam. Or cowrite. Or something.

Maybe you want to mention what kind of music and your instrumenta maybe that could be helpful just saying.

Is it a piccolo?

The musicians are out most nights a week.

Many nights just show up and start playing with your own instrument or an instrument that’s in the place.

But not looking for services. Looking to cooperate.

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Sure. I play by ear in a jazzy way and also have experience as a classical accompanist. I’ve have almost no experience playing in a rock band nor desire.

On a sidenote, if there are other interested classical musicians (violin, cello, clarinet, flute, oboe, etc), I’d love to get together to play piano trios, quartets, quintets, etc, again.

Also available as a professional accompanist.


Right now, as I explore getting back into music, I’m totally open to doing anything. I’ve performed violin, piano, guitar and bass. Rock, pop, hip hop, classical, country-ish. Dabbled in a few other more experimental stuff.

Below is my album spanning multiple genres. It says Feb 2013 but by then I was no longer playing or performing. Most of the album was written and recorded in 2011 or earlier. I came to Taiwan to explore and reignite my musical journey…

What are a few good spots for this? I arrived to Taiwan less than a month ago and don’t really have a feel for the music scene in Taipei yet. And I’m also rusty which puts me in an awkward position…not super confident in my abilities but I gotta start somewhere and I should be able to get back up to speed relatively quickly? Maybe.

Well my strength by far was classical piano (have my MM in piano performance) but if you’re willing to put up with me as I muddle through on the violin I’d be happy to play for fun. Ideally a quartet or quintet where I can be second violin, but if it’s just for fun then I could expand my wings a bit.

In college I regularly played several trios with a viola and clarinet, who were pretty good players, so I can’t be too sure if I could put up with muddling or that it would be fun for me or others, ha, depends on how muddled it is.

But I have some Mozart duets and if you’re so competent on piano, we can definitely get more. One thing I’d love to do and never have is Dvorak’s slavonic dance.

Fair enough. I have performed a decent amount of chamber music as a violinist, but that was many many years ago. If I get around to practicing enough that I’m semi-confident passed the muddling, then I’ll let ya know.

As for classical piano, I haven’t been practicing in that capacity but I think there’s a good chance I will start doing so in the next year. Currently still getting my fingers back with pop/rock/jazz. We’ll be in touch my Forumosa friend!

I don’t know any cello, viola, clarinet, flute, or oboe players. I only know one other violin friend with whom I played a Beethoven violin sonata once and he did better than I expected. So perhaps we could try a trio with two violins, but it seems the literature is limited for that. I saw there is a (Arnold?) Mendelssohn piano trio, Schumann, and I absolutely love Schumann. Or Shostakovich, Moszowski, and others on the side.

I spent some time in Prague.

I love Dvorak’s Slavonic dances. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anything so uplifting.

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