Muslims demand papal apology for crusades

[quote]Highest Sunni authority sends official request to Vatican
Posted: March 19, 2005, 1:00 a.m. Eastern

As a Zoroastrian, I demand an apology from the Muslims for the Battle of Qaddisiya…

This, imo, is only an attempt to generate more religious conflicts and what good would that do?

As soon as they apologize for invading France, Spain, Portugal, North Africa, India, destroying the Byzantine Empire…etc.

I agree with the Moslems’ demand, and I think it is quite likely that they will get some sort of apology eventually.


You agree with the Muslim demand for an apology for the Crusades? There would have been no crusades if the Muslims had not invaded Christendom in the first place. I mean Egypt was Christian before it was Muslim. How did that change? An invasion. These kinds of apologies and demands for counterapologies are becoming very tiresome.


It was the Muslims’ own actions that precipitated the Crusades, so who should apologize to whom?

But even if one doesn’t agree with Rubicon, it’s been 1000 years since the First Crusade. GET OVER IT ALREADY!

How about having the Crusaders apologize for sacking Byzantium, back when it was still a fellow-Christian city?

That was not very nice. The sacking. Terrible tragedy for the civilized world. Bunch of barbarians.

yup not nice at all, but then again the Byzantine orthodox had had their own slaughter of western Christians before that, although it’s seldom mentioned.

Maybe the Orthodox should issue a joint apology???


where do these people come from??? :unamused:

Oh btw


Happy now? :stuck_out_tongue:

Ever hear the one about how if everybody practiced an eye for an eye, the whole world would be blind?

No, I do imagine that this Pope or the next one just might have it in him to apologize. I don’t really agree with it and I don’t think it will mean much of anything to anybody, but the Roman Catholic Church doesn’t really have anything to lose by doing so. However, I’m sure there will be plenty of Roman Catholics and other Christians who will qualify the apology with a collective: “…but if you bastards had just stuck with/converted to Christianity in the beginning and not invaded and pillaged our patch, we wouldn’t have bothered your sorry asses anyway.”

I’m not in favor of people apologizing for the actions of previous generations, especially if those they are apologizing to or their ancestors are guilty of the same sin or worse. A statement of regret is fine, but this Pope and all his flock are not guilty for what Roman Catholics of previous generations did to a group of people who also had their fair share of blood on their hands. Regret? Well, ok. Apology? Get lost!

It’s from Ghandi.

I believe the Sunni demand is for an apology for what Roman Catholics did to Mohammedans who had no blood on their hands, for the declared purpose of restoring the holy places to Papal control. From the Catholic Encyclopedia entry on the Crusades:

Further reading from this entry reveals [quote]The history of the Crusades is therefore intimately connected with that of the popes and the Church. These Holy Wars were essentially a papal enterprise. The idea of quelling all dissensions among Christians, of uniting them under the same standard and sending them forth against the Mohammedans, was conceived in the eleventh century, that is to say, at a time when there were as yet no organized states in Europe, and when the pope was the only potentate in a position to know and understand the common interests of Christendom.[/quote]

As far as I have learned, the Crusaders marched to destroy the Mohammedans and crushed the Jews who lived along the way.

It is worth noting that the Crusaders killed not only Muslims and Jews, but Christians, too.

The Catholic and Orthodox churches agree on this: the Church can do no wrong. If mistakes happen, this is not the fault of the Church, which is perfect, but of people in the Church.

I for one would like the Germans to apologize to the Italians for the barbarian invasions. Except that they’re both descended from both. Well, okay (hugging self). I’m sorry. There, that’s all right–no harm done. Anyway we DID create Western culture and all.

How about asking the pope to apologize for hiding the true bloodline of Jesus Christ, which had to be painstakingly pieced together using clues from Renaissance art and architecture? (Da Vince Code joke)

Why don’t everybody apologize to ME for my miserable, shitty life. Things are going not so great, haven’t been for years, and it’s somebody’s fault. C’mon, World, you owe me.

In behalf of my German ancestors, I would like to apologize for not fighting harder during the Crusades. Had we done so, perhaps Syria, Turkey, Lebanon, Israel and Jordan would be developed nations like Europe. :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :wink:

It is Barbarossa’s fault. He drowned during a bath on the crusade, when he wanted to clean himself before slaying the Muslims.

Take care of George B!


The Muslims would like to get a papal apology? Fat chance. It’s hard enough to get anybody from the Catholic Church to own up to all the altar boys who’ve been plugged on their watch. I’m surprised that Jacko resorted to Farrakhan’s boys to provide security for his trial – a few assorted monks, padres and bishops should have been enough to run a nice smokescreen.