Must I be quiet in a bookstore here?

Did I miss something? Is there some unspoken rule here that one must be quiet in a bookstore? I don’t get it. Today, I was with a friend and our two very cute, pretty irresistable little girls :smiley: at the main Eslite bookstore. I don’t normally go there with the kids–we usually opt for the children’s book store instead, but today, I just wanted to take a quick look to see if some books I want are there. I couldn’t have been there more than 15 minutes.

My little girl was quiet enough, but her little friend was excited and shrieking a little. Shrieking is even a strong word for this… imagine a very high-pitched “Hi!!!” and that’s what I’m talking about. This is far, far, far, less obnoxious than a nasal-voiced woman talking to her girlfriend on her mobile.

Some of the patrons were interested in the girls. It’s hard not to want to chat with them, but apparently there is some unspoken rule here that we’re not aware of. Someone came up to us and told us the kids were being too noisy. We were already heading out the door, just had to pay for a book. Just out of curiosity, I asked the nice lady behind the information counter if we’re supposed to be quiet in the store. She said no, just the children.

She was very nice about it, but I just don’t get it. Are bookstores here like libraries? Are people expected to whisper? A friend told me that it’s because many people are reading there and that’s why patrons are expected to be quiet.

And please don’t misunderstand–this isn’t a complaint or criticism, I really do want to know if we’ve just been these obnoxious foreigners with their obnoxious kids, not knowing any better.

Im my eyes, all screaming kids are obnoxious, whether they are ina bookstore, restaurant or on the moon. It’s just you’re probably blind to fact because they’re your kids. Closest (but I admit crude) analogy I think is smelling your own farts … the Taiwanese tend to treat the bookshops here as private libraries :unamused: , so it’s hardly surprising they expect library-like behavior inside.

Monkey, I’m not surprised that you find all screaming kids obnoxious. But really, my point is that this wasn’t screaming. (Screaming was what happened about thirty minutes later, OUTSIDE, when I announced that it was time to go home. Now that was pretty embarassing… and in case anyone here saw me, that is a very, very rare occurence… she’s usually very easy going.)

I think you must be right about bookstores here being treated as libraries though. Is it like that in the States and other places though? I always tend to whisper in bookstores anyway, something about all those books, but the bookstores I’ve been to back home have always been family-friendly. Taking your kid outside to calm down, to be respectful of other customers, that’s just common sense, but there was never any shushing if you were chatting or reading a book out loud.

A friend was with her parents at the children’s Eslite, daytime with few customers, and they were talking but not loudly. Another customer shushed them. They didn’t know what to make of it.

Almost nobody likes shrieking kids. This is especially true at a bookstore (in any country). Isn’t that obvious? I would like to smoke pretty much everywhere I go, but I realize that it would bother people in some places.

Yeah, I think you’re right. Bookstores here are like libraries. You’re supposed to be quiet. Sometimes when I call my wife I have to ask “why are you whispering?” “Because I’m in the bookstore”.


Look around you next time you are in Eslite. Its exactly like a library. I’m not sure I have ever seen anyone pay for a book there.


there are signs in Eslite, god bless 'em, telling you to turn your phone off so the least you should do is put the kids on vibrate.

Well, maybe some people are reading, but quite a few are “cruising”. Hopefully not in the kids book shop!

Actually, it’s pretty silly that they have those areas set up for kids to do activities, etc, and they expect them to be quiet! It’s a first for sure, especially if Taiwanese kids aren’t expected to be quiet ANYWHERE ELSE! And btw, I was in that kids shop one day for a SCBWI meeting and there were a couple noisy kids running around. Noone said a thing in my recollection.

Children should be seen and not heard. Adults should be gracious when children don’t live up to expectations. :sunglasses:

Well… as a kid, I always remember that adults were good to have within eyesight (they feed you and stuff, y’know) but they didn’t half talk a lot of boring rot.

So, there’s a bunch of kids going round thinking that adults should be seen and not heard too. And wot’s with all that perfum they wear…? Why can’t they smell of sweat and mud like any normal happy person…

Why? I think kids should be allowed to be kids which means running around, falling over, and making a lot of noise.


Why? I think kids should be allowed to be kids which means running around, falling over, and making a lot of noise.[/quote]
Yes, they should be allowed to be kids, but within certain boundaries dictated by the environment they are in and the reasonable wishes of the people around them. I wouldn’t let my kids run screaming through a bookstore, talk loudly in a library, or mill about in a restaurant, but when they’re in the McDonald’s Playplace, in a park, or in my back yard, they can do most anything they want.

As for bookstores, I think that a noise level a bit higher than what you’d find in a library is fine. That is, quieter than a restaurant, but not as quiet as a library.

I hope that most people realize that they were once youngsters, and not always able to control their outbursts.

How about the Supermarket? Is my kid not allowed to cry in the supermarket for his Mommy?
Geez, my kid just said a couple of “Mama mama” ‘s and I heard some pretentious prat of a foreigner and some Taiwanese say “ahh! Listen to that kid”. He is 1 and a half for pete’s sake, tired and wanted his Mommy. Next time I’ll complain when I hear some brain dead dork say “Hey! How are You ?- (not waiting for an answer) I’m fine thank you, how about you.” That is frickin’ noise pollution to my ears.

Where can I get one of those switches for my kid?

It’s on the side of the head, but you have to give it a good slap.

Hmmm… I don’t think the warantee covers slapping :wink:

If you have a warrantee why don’t you take them back ?

Once they grow up a bit it is difficult to get them back to the place of origin. Not that I’d want to anyway, cutest little fella in the whole of Taiwan.

I think that a nice, polite: "Kiss my ass. He’s a kid. You were too at one point. Then again, perhaps you still are. " might suffice in this situation.

Beautiful, couldn’t have said it better!