Must & mold in Taiwan

Hello all,

My girlfriend and I have just arrived in Taiwan and are preparing to train to teach English as a foreign language for the next year. We’re currently unsure where we’ll be living, however we’ve just checked into our hotel where we’ll be staying for the next couple of weeks.

One thing we’ve noticed straight away is that many of the buildings including our hotel room seem to have a bit of a musty smell to them. This is of particular concern as my girlfriend developed pneumonia from living in a moldy house two years or so ago, and we definitely don’t want to reexperience that. While I’m not sure if must/mildew will have the same effect, I just thought I’d ask whether this must is a common thing in Taiwan? Is it likely that whatever apartment we end up in will have must problems?

Thanks in advance!

Yes it’s very common issue,buy a dehumidifier maybe even two…And keep them running on damp and humid weather especially . …It will be fine .

If you search here you will find the subject comes up quite often .

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Clean your house with a water/white vinegar solution to kill mold too!

Also clean your bathroom shower with anti mould solution , works well…Also the aircons should be cleaned sometimes.

Wherever you end up staying you’ll want to invest in dehumidifier(s), unless your landlord already has one (probably likely). But 1 might not be enough. We have 3 running non-stop. Humidity is just something you have to deal with in Taiwan, and you need to manage it or your clothes will never dry properly. Cheaper hotels will always have that musty smell you experienced.

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Live in newer housing. They aren’t full of holes, contain safety features, AC units dehumidify as well and are higher quality and installations to the outside world, like windows are better sealed.

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It’s better outside of Taipei/NTC/Keelung. You should be okay in Taichung or further South, especially with a dehumidifier or two.

Where do you put them?

Get an apartment with ACs with dehumidiers and the toilet with a dehumidifier.

Dont get a place with one of those propeller things for the toilet, they are useless and the bathroom will never be dry.

One where the clothes hang to dry. One in each bathroom (we have 2).

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This…and clean AC each year/ run dehumidifiers

Absolutely true.

All of the responses so far are important things to do (lie in newer buildings, use dehumidifiers and A/C units with dehumidifiers, constantly clean, etc.).

The only thing I would add is that when you do start looking for housing, be very picky and thoroughly check everything in the unit. Not all, but some landlords will try to “hide” things when you go to see an apartment. Make sure to check all of the walls for mold, especially black mold. Check all of the faucets/sinks, the shower/ bathtub, toilet, etc.

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You mean an extractor/ventilation fan? They just put them up the double ceiling where it supposedly goes up the utility shaft.

Fans for each room and vinegar (undiluted) to clean rooms and wipe down walls. Clothes dryer if possible.

Since you are now in hotel I suggest you keep aircon 24hr

Thanks everyone for the replies - very helpful. Dehumidifiers sound like the best option alongside the other tricks to keep must and mould out, so thanks for the contributions. :slight_smile: