Must start moving muscles

Is cross-posting frowned upon here? Posted the same message to sports, fun n games. My epoligies if I’m stepping on netiquette. Did I really just use that word? Maybe I should throw in the word “infobahn.” Just shoot me now. Wait, wait… back to the point.

I live just a gobstopper’s throw from linguang MRT (just re-read willy wonka in anticipation…). My body currently resides on planet pudgy. I’m finding the need to get my body off that planet.

So I’m looking for two kinds of info:

Any ideas on a gym nearby? Preferably decently priced (as in not California or Golds gym style open up your vein once a month into their wallets).

Also - where can I run nearby? I’m used to running in parks - on trails… and of course that’s kinda difficult round here unless you want to pound your knees on pavement or spend all your time going up and down steep hillsides.