Mustache wax and Jojoba oil


I am new here and just registered since I have desperately been trying to find some mustache wax in Taipei. I am aware that this is probably a futile effort but often when I tried to find some information regarding Taiwan I found the solution here. So i thought maybe there is a slim chance that someone here knows where to get stuff like this.

Also while I am asking. Is there any way to get Jojoba oil somewhere in Taipei? If possible completely natural without any added perfume or other stuff.

Thank you :slight_smile:


I got my 'tache wax off the chief. He gets it online.

Wow, that’s an interesting site, especially the “Rose Water Hair Dressing.” What’s that? And now my son wants a shaving kit for his eighth birthday!

Start him with one of these, I’d suggest. A multitude of other uses, too.

Okay, but you have to let him practice shaving YOUR face before he graduates to shaving himself.

I, too, am looking for jojoba oil. I’m about to give in and order from amazon, though. Let me know if you want to go in together on the cost.

found jojoba oil at the new eslite mall at the city hall station, on 5F. i paid $920 for 3.4 oz.

I used to buy it much more cheaply in chemical-grade brown glass bottles a couple of streets north of Taipei Main Station. There’s a section of the city there that sells perfumes (like generic perfume – kinda strange) and chemicals. I have hip-length hair and used to oil with jojoba oil. Sorry I don’t have a more specific address.

Basic ingredients for cosmetics, candle-making, dyeing, perfumes and fragrances, every kind of oil, wax, solvent, adhesive, chemicals, epoxies and other glues, carbon fiber, silicone and so on can be found at chemical supply shops. There are some on Tianshui street, which is just off of Nanjing West Road in Taibei. See [url= thread.[/url]

I do not know specifically whether they have exactly what you want, but would be surprised if they don’t carry jojoba oil and the ingredients (e.g. beeswax, petroleum jelly, oils like castor or coconut oil, shea butter, and scents) to blend your own mustache wax, just in case you can’t find a ready-made supply. It should be extremely easy, just like making lip balm, and there are recipes online. There are empty tins for this kind of thing available nearby, I believe at Tai4yuan2lu4 太原路. The chemicals shops should know the address for such a shop, as their customers often make cosmetics and lip balm and need little containers for these.

Thanks, DB. I’m pretty sure that is the name of the street. I used to wander around in that couple of blocks north of the train station a lot and could never really keep straight where the different little clusters of particular businesses were. Also, sometimes you’d walk farther than you thought, just looking at things.

thanks for the info about chemical/cosmetic/perfumery supplies! i wanted the jojoba to make my own perfume oil, and am generally interested in making my own cosmetics. i will definitely check that area out.

i just found jojoba and some other oils at muji (i was at the one in the city hall mall thing, but i’m sure the others would have them also - they were in the home fragrances section). they were all creepily clear, though. i’ve read that the refining process may alter the properties of jojoba oil such that it loses some of the benefits, so i think i’ll stick with the yellow stuff.

I got my jojoba oil directly from a chemical company, I think it’s called Lyca Enterprises or something. It’s in a building on An-He right at the corner of Xin Yi. It is right by the Wen Chang (?) furniture street, and directly across the street from a swanky wine bar called “Tickle My Fantasy”. I’ve also gotten beeswax, borax, essential/carrier oils and rosewater from them.

I’ve heard that the Tianshui shops have gotten pricey because DIY is trendy now, but I haven’t been yet.

You can also buy jojoba and other DIY supplies from a bottle store on Civic Blvd past Main Station. Their website is easy: Good luck!