Mustard , A big boy needs a home

Mustard , a big boy needs a home.

I’m a big boy called Mustard. I love to go on walks ( walk well on leash ) and i’m very affectionate. Please come and see me.

Please contact 02-28338820 or email

Mustard ‘s rescue story:

My name is Mustard and I’m so glad to finally be telling my story to everyone! At a very young age I was left to fend for myself on the streets. As a puppy, I learned to brave the big bad world all on my own. In the beginning I was alright and did a pretty good job or taking care of myself but, like many dogs on the street, I soon started to get really sick. By the time the Animals Taiwan rescue team found me, I had developed a very bad skin disease and was not in good shape at all. Fortunately, I was taken to a vet who cured my skin problem. I am now totally healthy with a shiny coat of beautiful white fur. After living on the streets I really enjoy living at the rescue center. I have my own group of friends to hang out with, a comfortable place to sleep, I get good food to eat and I feel safe. This is a good life and I am not complaining. But, like most of the dogs here, what I really want is a home with a nice family to love and play with for the rest of my life