MvF Athletes

Do you believe there are real differences between races? Or at least between haplogroups? Just asking.

Not good.


I’m still waiting for a F2M athlete to make a song and dance about being allowed to compete.

I recall one boxer, who we no longer hear about. Otherwise, silence.

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Reading the order, it’s not clear to me what the result will be with regards to sports. I think in the hundred days mentioned things will become clearer.

Regardless the details, it’s nonsense like this that drives people away from the Dems.

Sorry, like what?

Why issue an executive order regarding a tiny percentage of people who want to compete against women?

As I said, it’s not clear to me that that’s happened.

I haven’t looked into it in detail. I’m only replying to @Andrew0409’s link at the moment.

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That clearly reads to me that transgender athletes can compete against biological women. Perhaps not in amateur sports.

Well, you aren’t the only person interpreting it that way certainly. Mostly it seems to suggest federal funding could be withheld from institutions not in compliance, but I’m not sure what the exact extent of that it would be. I’m confident it would definitely extend to something like bathrooms, and sports is mentioned, but it might need to be worked out how it would apply there. There’s a planning period of 100 days mentioned.

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It’s an unnecessary dumb ass executive order. Why it wasn’t ignored is odd.

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Well, Trump went outrageously far about it in several ways, IMO. There was definitely going to be a snapback. We’ll see where the needle stops.

The Dems need to pull the needle back from woke. Go back a few decades.

Good luck with that :slight_smile: We’ll have to see how that turns out as well.

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They’re labeling themselves as what many people no longer like them for. It’s avoidable and seems very odd to me. I assume there are a lot of influencers involved.

Some general discussion of the EO in question

I am curious about that. It is a taboo topic, but I think in sport you can see there seems to tend to be different aptitudes in racial groups for different sports that I don’t think can be explained down to culture.

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I can’t listen to them. Nothing to do with what they might be saying, just their delivery. Are people incapable of getting to the point without anecdotes?