My ARC is still valid months after stopped working, will the

Hi, I have had the same ARC for a couple years from a bushiban in Taipei. I stopped working for them four months ago, and my work permit was cancelled. Immediately after that, I left Taiwan for a three-month holiday. When I came back to Taiwan, I didn’t have a visitor visa, and I was allowed in on the basis of my re-entry permit and ARC, so this obviously means that my ARC is still valid.

If my ARC is still valid, then when I apply for a new work permit, the authorities won’t give me any trouble about having to make a visa run, will they? since they allowed me back in on my current ARC?

I doubt that there is any good answer that anyone can provide to this question. It probably depends on the attitude of the personnel handling your case.

Anyway, if you have difficulties, I would be happy to meet with you for a free consultation.