My beard needs a trim

I have a beard, which certainly makes me stand out in Taiwan. However, my beard trimmer (bought in the US) recently went kaput. I have been trying to find a replacement. However, since most guys here can’t even grow a beard, the supply of them is limited, if not non-existent.

I need one soon… my beard is starting to look ragged. Anyone have any ideas of where I can find one? Thanks in advance for any help.

there was a thread asking that very question here :arrow_right: I don’t think it will help though

And a just as useless thread about gonad waxing here

Ask Juba how he keeps his beard so neat and trimmed. And don’t forget your nose hairs!

[quote=“Big Fluffy Matthew”]
And a just as useless thread about gonad waxing here

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I looked at the links you listed. As for gonad waxing… OUCH!

I have never… ever… understood the desire of men to remove the hair from their bodies. This type of activity is especially confusing to me when it occurs in the “crotch-al” area of the body. Trimming, I have no problem with… sometimes things can get a little bushy, whether down below or other areas. But, if you have it, keep it… dare I say, flaunt it. Though, wearing a shirt unbuttoned to the waist with lots of gold chains is not flaunting… it is just ridiculous… Anyway, hair is sexy. :sunglasses:

But, I digress… seriously. Can you actually get beard trimmers in Sogo? Or are they pet fur trimmers? I don’t really care what it’s original purpose is, as long as it does a good job and doesn’t rip the hair off my face. If it is a pet fur trimmer-type thing, I might just go to a pet store to save the extra kuai.

A pet fur trimmer? Who are you, Grizzly Adams?

I think I would order a good beard trimmer from Amazon. Unfortunately Amazon won’t ship this kind of stuff overseas, so you would need to first send it to a friend/relative there, who could then mail it to you here in Taiwan.

With the humidity hovering at nearly 90 percent and the temps in the 30s, I can’t imagine what a person would want with a beard.
Here’s my solution: shave.

Slow method: scissors
Quick method: dog fur trimmers. Unfortunately the attachments went missing. Eaten by a dog or something. I cut my hair with the doggy trimmer, too. Without the attachments, I can’t do a crew cut, only a bald-head cut.


I’m in Canada right now and I could pick up a conair beard trimmer for anyone interested. Price is 1000NT - they’re about $35.00 here, including tax. That’s $866NT. I would unabashedly be making a $144NT profit. I’ll be back the first week of September. Anyone interested?

[quote=“wolf_reinhold”]With the humidity hovering at nearly 90 percent and the temps in the 30s, I can’t imagine what a person would want with a beard.
Here’s my solution: shave.[/quote]

I’ve had the beard 17 years. I like it. My partner likes it. I’ve never had a problem with heat & humidity. Of course, I normally keep it trimmed short. In fact, many times I even forget I have a beard till I look in the mirror or touch my face.

Do you shave your head? I think the hair on my head bothers me more in the heat & humidity than the hair on my face. Of course, I also keep that short.

By the way, I decided to go get my hair cut yesterday and asked the woman to trim my beard as well. I think she was a bit nervous & has probably never done that before. But, I assured her that cutting it wasn’t that much different than cutting hair short. She did a good job. AND, she didn’t charge me extra. I’m sure it’s something they don’t have a price list for. Most guys here don’t seem to even shave everyday, let alone have beards to cut.

I’m still looking for a beard trimmer, though. Maoman, thanks for the offer, but I have friends that can always send me one, if I get desperate

hair clippers are easy to find - try electronics shops, failing that, dept stores - and usually have one short setting and the bald setting that can be used for beards.

I have noticed that Braun has been doing some promotions around town. They do offer electrical shavers and beard trimmers though I am not sure if the latter is available here.
Anyhow, I would just try one of the major department stores like Sogo and Mitsukoshi.

I’ve wondered about people who never shave. I usually grow a beard during the winter months but am clean-shaven the rest of the time. I know a person who has had a beard for something like 20 years. Talking to him about shaving it off (“Just see what you look like.”) is like asking him to pull all his gonad hairs out one by one with tweezers. What’s the deal? I mean if you are covering a scar or deformity, that’s one thing. But never being able to bring yourself to shave for almost two decades…odd.

If you have had a beard for 17 years, why would you not have brought the equipment to service it here? Anyway, I have always used a comb and scissors myself. Takes a little longer, but a beard is a high-maintenance item.

This “partner” must be PC for something, but I am not sure what it is.

(I have wanted to shave my head for a long time, but the hassle each day seems extrodinary.)

There is a Buddhist retreat in Kaohsiung which is reputed to give free haircuts and shaves . . . . . . . . but no “trims” per se.

I am told it will all grow out again . . . . . and the price is right – FREE. You can also get a vegetarian meal on the house.

My 70 year-old father stayed here sometime back and swears he got his beard trimmed at one of those curiously dim lit barber’s that I presumed had not a scissor in the house. Beard marvelously trimmed by two giggling women. for NT$100, or so he says.


They’re usually covering up weak chins and look like Kermit the Frog when they shave.

My… my… we do believe in stereotypes. Not every guy, and I’d venture to say not even most guys, have a beard because they are trying to cover up a weak chin or any other “deformity.” Some of us just feel we look better with beards, like some guys think they look better with a mustache or without a beard or with long hair or short hair or bald… it is a matter of preference.

I originally grew it during my senior year of high school. At that point, I grew it because I thought I’d look more masculine. I was going through a rough time in my life, dealing with issues of being gay, etc… and wanted to look as masculine as possible and avoid looking as feminine as possible. And, NO, that is not why I keep it.

I keep it 'cause I like the way I look better with it. However, I have shaved it off. A few times I’ve shaved it off to a goatee (I know, I know… still trying to cover my “weak” chin, right?). And, a few times I’ve shaved it off completely, “just to see what I look like.” However, I didn’t like it as much. So, promptly grew it back.

And, no, Wolf… partner isn’t PC for anything. I just use it instead of boyfriend because boyfriend makes me think of two teenagers, lover makes me think of someone just for sex, significant other is just too nebulous, and spouse… well, we aren’t married, yet. I really don’t like partner either… sounds too much like we are in business together. But, I’m at a loss for what to use… “special, special friend”?

Now, back to the original topic of this. I’ve been to department stores. I’ve only ever seen regular razors with small “trimming attachments” for straightening sideburns, etc… They really aren’t do-able for full beards. As for hair trimmers, they are usually too big and don’t provide enough length selection in the guard attachment. And, after cutting a chunk out of my beard the first time I tried to trim it without the guard, I won’t do that again. Finally, I’m too clumsy to try scissors on my own. My partner/boyfriend/lover/significant other/future spouse/special friend would probably find me on the floor of the bathroom with my neck slashed.

Oh… I did bring a trimmer to Taiwan. It was rechargeable. But, the integrated rechargable battery died on me. But, to put this topic to rest, (the trimmer part, anyway) my p/b/l/so/fs/sf found a way to fix it. He’s so handy.

Thanks to all.

My… my… we do believe in stereotypes. Not every guy, and I’d venture to say not even most guys, have a beard because they are trying to cover up a weak chin or any other “deformity.” [/quote]

I was joking, dear! :smiley:
One of my very good friends here has a full beard and he had to shave it once to make a movie, and he looked very dashing. He promptly grew it back, though. I guess he felt naked without it.
Question should be, why do so many women here NOT shave their underarms??

OH… please lets not even go there. :? I used to work with a student in the US who was a very nice woman. But, as a lesbian, she didn’t believe in shaving anything… except her head, come to think of it. I always had a bit of a shock everytime she appeared in my office. It would take me about 5 minutes before I’d be able to stop obsessing over NOT looking at her hairy legs.

I mean, I don’t know why it bothered me so much. I guess it is as natural for women to have body hair on their legs, under arms, etc… as men. It is just that, for some reason, society has said women should shave those places to be smooth. I love body hair on men… why should it bother me that much on women. Shouldn’t it make them more “attractive” to me? Or, at the very least, shouldn’t I be neutral about it? But, they aren’t and I’m not. I find it icky. :frowning:

I see a woman with hairy underams and I’m thinking mons venus. Legs like a man’s though . . .


You can buy a beard trimmer at Sogo. Sold on the same floor as electric shavers. The one I bought was a National/Panasonic. Quite nice actually. Forgot which floor, but you can ask at the Information counter on the first floor. The counter which sold the beard trimmers is next to the down escalators.