My beard needs a trim

I just bought one from there the other day. 5th floor I think. The battery-powered one, right? They are on sale for 1,900. I thought that was kind of pricey and they didn’t even give free batteries. Maybe there are better deals at Carrefour.

I would be surprised if they sell them at Carrefour. Not many people have beards here. Actually I went to Sogo thinking that I had to buy one for trimming hair, like your barber would use. I felt lucky to find this one made for beards.

Just posting to save people with beards some time in the future. I found a good quality Panasonic beard trimmer today for $1700 NT. It’s a little pricey compared to the States, but probably less than you’ll find at the department stores.

I got it at IBG Beauty Supplies, which is run out of an office in a building located on Xinsheng N. Rd. Sec. 2, a few blocks north of Nanjing Rd.

The address is: Rm. 702, 7F, No. 39, Xinsheng N Rd, Sec. 2. The contact there is Mark Sung and his number is 0936 331 530.

Good luck.

They’re usually covering up weak chins and look like Kermit the Frog when they shave.[/quote]

Some of us hairy people get dreadful rashes from shaving their face. I either look like I’ve fried my face and waste 10 minutes every morning or I can pretend that I look something like Sean Connery…from a distance…with the light behind me…

I go to a “Mr Barber” franchise and they will trim or shave any body part for a small fee, one of the bastards was so quick he modified my monobrow so I actually had two eyebrows for a day or two!!!

Call you local hairdresser… she cuts mine fine

The mountain has a razor. I read Bad Jelly the Witch. Wonder if he was sent off to bare-bottom land like the giant was.

Taiwanese guys are really low on body hair. I’ve had little kids come up to me and pull the hair on my arms and say "Wow, my daddy no have! You bear, you bear!!!

Why do you guys wanna cut your facial hair? I’ve spoken to many a taiwanes lady who swear they like a bit of facial hair…The grass is always greener I suppose.