My boss told me to I need to get a 60 day Vistior's visa but the San Frencisco TECO won't let me

Please excuse the two typos in the title!!

I am a U.S. citizen living in California. My future boss in Taichung told me not to use the Visa-exemption program and to get a 60 day visitor’s visa. However, the man at TECO in San Francisco said there’s no way I could have one because I can stay up to 90 days with just my passport.

How should I go about this issue? Can I get a visitor’s visa while I’m on the 90 day visa-exempt stay?


If this exact question has been asked before, I sure didn’t see it.

I think your boss is behind the times. Europeans (and AFAIK, Americans) haven’t needed an actual visa for decades. I believe it’s even more flexible than ever now, with extensions a trivial formality. I’m pretty sure there is no requirement to have anything other than a landing visa even if your employer is applying for an ARC - that’s what I did. That was 12 years ago, but nothing seems to have changed:

Your best bet might be to phone the immigration office yourself and ask them. If your boss has an actual reason, then he should tell you what it is. If he can’t or won’t, you should suspect something dodgy is going on.

Thank you for this!

may i say my fav pet peeve?

Please be sure to distinguish between LANDING VISA and VISA FREE entry.

You are coming in on VISA FREE. Which can be converted to an ARC for WHITE COLLAR PROFESSIONALS.

A Landing Visa is for people who have passports with less then six months validity and COST MONEY. And can NOT be converted to an ARC.

So please make sure you have more then six months validity in your passport to get the VISA FREE entry.

My pet peeve is people forgetting that these two types are very different.

Many call the Visa Free entry a LANDING VISA, which it most certainly is NOT>

Thank you for this input!!