My cat needs help!

My cat got a fungal infection over 6 months ago from a friend’s cat. I’ve taken her to different vets who prescribe creams, antibiotics,etc. She’s lost fur in several parts of her body and at best, she’s not getting worse, but not getting better. She’s almost 8 years old and can’t keep taking antibiotics.
Does anyone have any advice?

When my black lab got a fungal problem many years ago my American vet prescribed an anti-fungal medication with 2% Miconazole Nitrate (check the ingredients of an over-the-counter athelete’s foot medication). His condition cleared up within 2 months. Of course he’s a dog and not a cat, but trying this treatment couldn’t hurt I think. You may have to ask someone to send this cream from abroad, but it is available at any drug store over the counter in the U.S. Good luck.

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll ask a vet here if they have that medicine and see what they think about using it with a cat.

If you have not seen this recent thread on Engish speaking vets check it out:

[Anyone know a good English speaking vet?

I just had my first appointment with Dr. Yong at:

Cardiospecialist Veterinary Hospital
No. 34-1 Heping East road Section 2
Telephone 23633016
Yong-Wei Hung
cheif of staff

I was very impressed with him and the treatment he gave my dog. I’m sure he would be the one to take your cat too (there were several feline patients while we were there.) I’m planning on writing a follow up about him on the other thread after my return appointment next week but my first visit there gave me a lot of confidence in him. (btw this was after a visit to another vet that I now know did not know how to treat my dog’s problem, even though he seemed competent.)

A friend of mine’s cat once had a fungal infection in the UK. She used Canesten on it (the cream chicks most commonly use for thrush). It worked. The vet had prescribed all sorts of pills but nothing worked like the Canesten. Of course the humidity here would make your cats condition worse but I’m sure its worth ago.

I’m not sure if there any harmful ingrediants in Canesten, you would need to check that out, but considering where girls put it, I’d hope not!

Thanks for all of your suggestions.
I found a cream at a pet store in the Shihlin NIght Market called Surolan.
It looks like it comes from France.
It has the ingredient Miconazole Nitrate which vwu suggested as well prednisolone acetate and polymyxin B Sulfate.
I’ve been using it for 2 weeks (on my cat!) and it has been amazing. Most of my cat’s fur that was missing around her ears and head is almost all back. It seems like this is going to do the trick.

Check the following for more on Surolan.


Just a word of caution. Prednisolone is a form of steroid, so I would be hesitant about long-term usage. Good luck.