My cat

…now goes on the toilet! :laughing:

What can your cat do? :wink: post pics

That’s cool. Mine drinks from the toilet.

whoa shit, have you been starving your cat or something? It looks like its on the verge of …

You took a photo of your cat on the crapper and posted it here for all to see ? :noway:
What would they say in the Hooters thread ?

smart animal. Savings on the litter and less cleaning.

cat looks so hungry that its considering jumping into the porcelain bowl to fish out something to eat.

Great picture. I hope your cat doesn’t browse the net, TP. From the scowl on his/her face, I’d say if s/he catches sight of this pic you might lose your own sight. At night, while you sleep.


Cats are pretty funny, imo. Your cat is a very amiable one to accept such training! And on a kiddie trainer ring at that! (really, I’m still laughing…too funny)

Some cats are born slim - like some Taiwanese women. That does not mean that they are starved by their boyfriends.

trust me, she’s a little piglet
Just looks strange there because she’s forcing out a poo. I’m sure you would too! :wink:

[Photo not safe for lunch - Moderator] … tshit2.jpg

now for a normal photo … C00044.JPG … C00009.JPG

here’s some more toilet pics, in case you were interested :unamused: … C00002.JPG … C00003.JPG … C00004.JPG … C00005.JPG … C00006.JPG … C00007.JPG … C00008.JPG

this is going to save us a fortune in kitty litter :smiley:

OK, I know I’m going to be accused of being a big facist moderator (again), but I edited out your picture of your precious kitty taking a dump on the floor. I’m not sure everyone wants to see that. The link is still there, but please be a little more considrate. Some people might have been eating.


does she know how to flush?


[quote=“iris”]does she know how to flush?

He lacks the opposable thumbs!

thats great… How did you train your cat to use the toilet?

if you pay me $200,000nt I’ll tell you :smiling_imp:
or help me find a job :unamused: i obviously have too much time on my hands…

If you can find a copy of Beneath the Underdog, Charlie Mingus’ autobiography, he has detailed illustrated instructions on toilet-training your cat.

I’ve thought about trying this with my cats, but they have too much fun scratching in the litter box and strewing sand everywhere.
Also wonder, if you moved, would the cats still know to use the toilet? Or would you need to retrain them?
And I think the training phase is easier if you have a spare toilet since you’re supposed to move the box closer and closer until it’s on top of the toilet, and then you take the sand away, etc etc.

Question: How long did it take you to toilet train your kitty?

But does he remember to flush?

It’s a girl, and she never flushes! :fume:

The toilet trainer seat is the key.
Here’s what we’ve been doing: (Note: we’ve always kept the poop tray in the bathroom)
Using the toilet trainer seat, sit it on a small and sturdy tray. Attach a plastic bag to the trainer seat and put some kitty litter in it (not too much, just enough to scratch in).
When your beloved kitty does its business in there, tip some sand on the top so she/he doesn’t have to worry about covering it.
Once the bag is nice a full (usually takes 2 days), just simply take it out, tie it up and throw it away. So much easier than digging through the tray for buried treasure. You also save sand this way.
We had planned on using that idea for only a month or two, but I’ve never had the time to teach her proper toilet usage until now. Consequentially, we’ve been using it this way for quite a few months (maybe 6).
Well, in just this last week, we’ve placed all trays out of sight and put that trainer seat on the toilet.
The cat will be so busting that it may or may not do it on the toilet. But because it’s so used to the trainer seat, it’ll assume it must do it there.
Every morning, noon and night, for the past 5 days, I would grab the cat, place both front paws on the toilet and instruct it to go.
(Another note: ever since we got the cat (Baby), we would always say “PEE-POO” when it was doing its business. She almost craps on command! :laughing: )

Today wasn’t so successful; she crapped in the corner of the bathroom, but pee’d in the toilet. :unamused: Lucky for tiles! I will have to do some more drilling tonight and for another week I guess. She still doesn’t know 100% to do it there.

By the way, do not spread paper around, for the kitty will do it there instead.

We got the toilet trainer seat from RT-Mart. The small tray used in from a $10nt shop.

Last night, my cat opened my bedroom window again and made my neighbor come knock on my door because he was aggravating her cat. He came to the top of the stairs, looked down at us, and meowed innoculously.

[picture coming soon]

On the front of today’s United Daily News is a picture of someone holding a cat that weighs 18.5 kilograms…it is worth a look! That is one