My Cat's On a Calendar!

My vet suggested that we pose for a calendar depicting adopted Taiwan pets, me being a “foreigner” and all. The photo shoot was in Hsinchu. Presley, being the fool that he is, took a TAXI there, assuming it was near Neihu. :astonished:

My princess is FAMOUS! Watch this space for her pretty picture! :discodance:

oh my word. A taxi to Hsinchu. Hope it was worth it! Looking forward to the shots:)

Wow! Very exciting! Congratulations, Daddy-O!
My dog is a babe, and she has never been on a calendar. She did make the news, though, and I realized (seeing my mug in the background) just how much, much MORE photogenic she is than me. Sigh…
Every hottie’s gotta have the homely sidekick.

Congrats to the cat of Presley! (and to the taxi driver of presley)

Congratulations! You two are going to be famous. Well, more famous, at least…

Don’t you feel tremendously proud of the fact that that little ball of fur wouldn’t be alive if it wasn’t for your loving care but now instead of lingering an existence in an alley or being six feet under, her beauty will be there for all the world to see?

I would. :smiley:

Congrats on the great work!

Why??? MAybe other dogs and cats will be inspired and land on calendars and T.V shows. Let this thread be the beacon for all wanna be four legged celebrities. :wink:

Congrats JP!!!

No, my dogs are not inspired to land on a calendar … they just play around … being dogs … doing doggy things … like, eating my sofa …

Cat’s On a Calendar and the silver spoon
Little boy blue and the man on the moon
When you coming home meow
I don’t know when

heheheheheh yeah I like dogs like that. :slight_smile:

Where’s the goddamn picture already? What a tease…

No kidding. Can’t wait to see your pussy, jp. :thumbsup:

Hairy ars … ass … you mean … :ohreally:

BP - I have seen some amazing pictures you have taken of Lucy and Emily that are more than worthy of a calendar. Man, with the photographic talent on the flob, we could make a calendar and get filthy rich! Bwahaha

What did that cost you?

What did that cost you?[/quote]
5K both ways.

Just got the calendar! My princess looks positively terrified by the bright lights, but I think that I come across as rather handsome. And a nice little write up about her. These people rock.

pics please. Congrats, and let us be the judge.


:rainbow: What a positive way to start the day! Thanks Jimi!