My company still hasn't given me my tax receipt

It’s the end of March, and I still haven’t filed my tax return. The main reason for this is that my company hasn’t given me my tax receipt yet, despite promptings. I was told this week that they’ll have it for me on April 10. This seems extremely late, and what’s worse is that I am now well overdue to file my tax return.

I need to know if I can go to the tax office without this tax receipt. I also need to know what kind of penalty they’re going to hit me with when I file late.

File late? Here in Taiwan?

I believe that you have until the end of May (2008) to file your 2007 taxes in Taiwan.

You should be all right.

Fantastic, thanks.

I’ve always done mine in May. The tax office down the road from my place always puts a big banner up in May telling foreigners that they have to file by May 31. I guess Taiwanese citizens have a different due date.

Yes, you still have lots of time. Your company is running a bit late, but many will wait until the last minute.

But in fact you don’t need the withholding statements. You can file your taxes by applying for a list of your income at the tax office. They have an electronic record of your income as reported by your employers. You can use this instead of the hard copy withholding statements.

Thanks, this is really good advice and very reassuring.

me too … ill be leaving before may … and is there anyway i can get the tax refund in my country ??

Be warned I was told last week that if I had not received my tax records from the company that they would not be available at the tax office for printing out til May.

I received my tax statement from my company on Monday, and since I’ll be leaving for the US tomorrow I’ll probably file when I return.

When your company witholds salary for tax each month, are they required to give you proof of this, like a tax withholding statement showing the exact amount? Or can they wait until the end of the year and give one big statement encompassing all the withholdings? Trying to figure out if it’s worth pressing my company to give me then each month.

No one gives anything anymore. It’s all digital.

Digital where? Is there a site I can go to and get a list of these withholdings?

It’s called your bank. I thought you was Fubon?

All my salary details are shown in their app.

it is listed in my monthly salary slip, and i get the statement once a year. i use the information from the statement when i file the taxes.

My salary is paid into huanan :confused: and it does show on the payslip how much was deducted, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that money was given to the tax bureau, they could put whatever they want on the payslip. I just guessed there would be some official place we can go to check this, or document we can request from our companies

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Yes. 扣稅憑單.

you work for a big company, what incentive do they have to misrepresent the deductions ? furthermore, you get the statement at the end of the year that summarizes everything.
if there is any need for proof, the pay slips should be enough.
what is your concern ?

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Yeah, the withheld amount is available in the tax software when filing, but I don’t know how frequently companies are required to report this (isn’t it just at the end of the year?).

I don’t get what your concern is either, or why you would want/need to keep track of this month to month?

Dunno, I’m just weird

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Yeah, that’s what I was thinking but didn’t want to be the first to suggest it. :laughing: