My dear bicycle was stolen tonight, so sad (+police's help) BIKE FOUND

I bought the bycicle after signing my first rent contract. I was still at the hostel.

I parked the bycicle in front of the building yesterday night, like i always do. It’s not there anymore. It didn’t look new anymore, just why? And this street goes nowhere. Only neighbors walk here.

So sad. Maybe I should go to the police, which I think it will be useless. Or drive my scooter looking for my bycicle, check second-hand bycicle shops…

Adendum. The Police Station

So, after the surprise and the coffee I decide to go to the police station and tell them what happened. First a male police offers talks to me and ask my some basic questions and for the ARC. Let’s me wait for a moment at the let’s call it lobby. A minute later a police woman, very young maybe we can say police girl?, comes to the entrance and ask me the same questions, my address, when did I see the bike for the last time, when did I notice the bike wasn’t there… Then a moment later, she ask me to just go to my place and have a look. She drives the car to my home, ask me the same questions again. Then she looks for survillance cameras. There is one at the end of the street but she tells me it probably doesn’t work. I say to her there are some private cameras in the other direction. She walks and checks those. Asks the neighbour to check the footage. I wait outside for a while. I think I hear her say she will come later.

We go back to the police station, and they call a guy who speaks English to come to the station and help write the report. I already told her everthing in Chinese, we are talking in Chinese the whole time. Anyway they want extra help.
While we are waiting they suggest I may have been drunk and don’t remember where I parked my bicycle, she says I better buy another one today because it’s unlikely they will find it, recommends me to keep it in a safe place not outside.

Finally the police officer with English capabilities arrives, asks me again the same questions, they write the report. They tell me they will look around, some people just take other’s people bikes for a ride, they say; and they will check the footage of the cameras close to my apartment.

That’s it. I wanted to ask the female officer her cellphone number. But seemed inappropiate and I am too fat and too poor anyways. All this took about two hours, I would say. 10 to 12.

Update: I walk in front of the supermarket and see my bike there. Locked, but I can open the lock without the key. It’s in the middle of the sidewalk. I am happy and surprised. I ask the worker inside if she has seen who put the bike there. She has no idea. I take the bike home, of course, and called the female police officer to inform her that I found my bike. She is very happy and tells me so several times, recommends me again to buy a new lock and better put the bike inside during the night.
I am worry if I may have Alzheimer’s, so after school I ask my kid if yesterday night I went out after arriving from work. No, I didn’t, he says. And also he says he has seen the bike this morning.
Anyway. Happy to have found the bike. I will lose weight and think for a reason to call the officer again.


oh no… so sorry to hear that. it’s something you don’t expect to happen in Taiwan… but yeah it can totally happen.

go to the police, and hope for the best. are there any street / cctv cameras around?


Could ask police or neighborhood boss about video camera in area. But lots of effort for someone to review hours and hours of video footage unless you know the exact moment of theft.

The bike is probably in another town by now, maybe painted to look old, or parts removed.

Can’t leave nice bikes outside. Only bikes that look cheap or old.

Possibly a friend of a neighbor, or someone working in area, that noticed the bike when in area and then took it away somewhere else.

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he probably has an idea of the when, and the police should go over the footage no problem.


we aren’t talking about the most expensive bike ever. I don’t think it’s necessarily too far.


Yeah. I would file a police report as well.


I’ve had my bike stolen too but it was also possible that I just forgot where I parked it.


Contact the police asap, video footage routinely gets deleted/overwritten. Bicycle theft is unfortunately quite common in Taiwan.


Last time I sat next to and watched the police dig through footage, the software seemed kind of clunky. I knew about the exact time to check and it seemed he knew how to use it – just… the scrubbing seemed totally jacked up.

Cameras that record to city servers get wiped after 2 weeks in my area. Fingers crossed you can find your local buildings’ recordings at all.

I had a nice Giant bike stolen before too (in The States). What city are ya in? I’ll scoop it up for you if I see it and pray I’m not stealing too lol.

I once was on the cusp of recording my bike being stolen from work with security but on my way there I saw my car in the car park

Wait… What got stolen? Your bike or your car?

Was it locked? I’ve always ridden old clunkers that I have fixed up after they were discarded, and I often neglected to lock them. Usually found them dumped in a ditch several miles away after being taken by someone who didn’t feel like walking home.

Neither - I drove to work that day.


I thought my bike was stolen once in Taipei.

Over a month later I was walking by the university and saw it… remembered I had parked outside the classroom but left early and forgot about it


True, but it’s just so easy for somebody to throw a bike into the back of a blue truck and drove. Plus they have the tools right there to cut any locks

I went to the police station. Just edited the post.


You should report her for stealing your heart


When she gave me the report she said with her sweet voice “this is my name” and then “that’s the telephone number”. Of course it’s the police station’s phone number.