My dog got towed

I came out of Pizza Hut a few days ago to find my car just about to shuffle off this mortal coil with the aid of a big red truck. As I stopped in my tracks, aghast, the cop in attendance noticed my poor pooch peering out of the back window in some consternation.

Ever seen a cop with his nose pressed against a car window and a look of panic on his face? Neither have I, because I was behind him and running at full speed. I think he was quite relieved to see me leaping over the bushes and yelling at him.

The question of “What do I do now?” had now resolved to one of “Oh look, a foreigner. If I give him his car back will he go away without making a fuss?”

He didn’t even give me a ticket. Just waved me away and studiously looked in the other direction until I had driven off. God, I hate being a foreigner in this country. All the discrimination drives you crazy. :sunglasses:

Anyway, the question is this: If they had towed my dog away, what would be the repercussions? Is there even the slightest chance that he would have been fed and watered until I paid the ransom?

That’s what you get for forsaking Alan in favour of Pizza Hut.

Seriously, there’s no chance at all that your dog would be fed or watered – I don’t think the pound people are anti-dogs (in fact, I’ve noticed that every single one of the many :blush: car pounds I’ve visited have very friendly and well-cared-for dogs on the premises – be careful of the one somewhere between Jilong and Anhe, they have a very large hairy beast who will definitely lie down on your feet and slobber if you stop moving for more than 15 seconds) but there’s no way they’d break the seals on your car doors before you get there.
“This seal is broken! Hey! What happened to the brown envelope on the seat that had NT$200,000 inside it? Thief! Call the cops!”

Do you have a dog licence ?

Sorry, best I could do, can’t think of any dog/car jokes.

Why did you leave your dog in the car? Don’t you know they can get towed for that? Stupid foreigner. Next time put Denver boots on all four paws before you go somewhere else.

I think you would have had to hurry to find the towing yard and rescue the dog yourself. By the way, why wasn’t he at Taipei Sports the other week? I thought you were going to bring him for dinner.