My dog is always eating!

I can’t stand it! She fights me for her poo!(and no I don’t want to eat it, just take it away) And when I punish her for trying to eat her poo she still tries to fight me for it. She even ate my cellphone!( ok , the bag and antenna)

I feed her enough. The moment she finished eating, she immediately starts looking for food again. Walking her is difficult…shes like a vacuum cleaner. When she over-eats she pukes and then eats her puke.

This isn’t a dog…it’s an insane MONSTER!!! :loco:

Something is lacking in the diet.

It’s called coprogaphy, if you want to Google it. :wink:

Hey! My dog tried to eat my boyfriend’s cell phone too!

I know you posted about this before… Sorry to hear she’s still doing it. Let’s see if I can come up with any other ideas that don’t work …

Ooh! Have you tried giving Sambuka hard edibles that she can slooowly devour? I gave Bowdu a “Green Giant” (this giant claw-shaped evil looking black thing that’s like the size of one of his forelimbs) a while ago, and he’s been working on it daily, KNOWING it’s edible… it’s been like a month, and he still hasn’t finished it. Pig’s ears can last a while too…

u also have a Shiba Inu right? Sambuka goes through those green things in like 5 minutes…
thanks for the link Stray.

Go on, Stray Dog. Post a picture of YOUR phone. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t mean Greenies or the KCuldog brand ripoff toothbrush-shaped thing or Bone-a-Mints or Doggyman chlorophyll/xylitol bones… You’re right – those things don’t last very long. The ones I’m talking about are actually called “Green Giants” but they’re so dark, they’re black. And seriously, they’re rock hard. I haven’t seen them at that many petstores, but they caught my eye because they actually feature a shiba puppy on their logo. Heh. =) Could give it a try…

I don’t know what other ideas to offer for possessive and greedy dogs… my shiba’s not exactly trouble-free, but I’ve got the opposite appetite problem… he actually NEVER finishes his meals unless I hand-feed him, so then a bowl of unfinished food sits there for hours while we’re gone and the ants get to it. Ew.

sounds great to me! Do you want to swop? I’m looking at Sambuka licking the steam coming out of my steamer…must be a chick thing…

I don’t know if this is true for dogs, but there are some humans who are not born with that little mechanism in their brain that tells them when they are full. They always feel hungry and always look for food. Maybe your dog is like this :astonished: Or it may be that your dog just has some bad habits from her former life. It can take an animal a long time to get over a certain behaviour and if you do anything that might seem encouraging at any point when you should be punishing them it makes the behaviour that much more difficult to stop. If at any time you sort of played with her when she fought with you for anything it would have encouraged her to try again. It is also harder to break the behaviour after this once in awile encouragement than if you played with her all the time up until you decided to say no. Or your dog might just be insane. I know my guy will tear the crap out of almost anything that you leave lying around near him and loves to eat scraps, so some of it at least is probably just normal doggy behaviour

My dog is the same way, alway looking for food but we are very strict about eating times and even though she always wants to eat we try to regulate how much and when.
As for the poo thing, she always tries to eat ours cat’s poo. Outside she will try to eat leaves which I let her because I know that dogs eat grass and leaves to make themselves vomit, which she does and happily goes on her way.

Relax, she sounds healthy and happy

oh, my dog had same problem couple weeks ago.
but i had many help from chinese pet club site friends.

they told me that my dog eat poo coz digest is not completed.
so to them, poo is still food.

and my dog eat my cats’s poo … that’s means my cat’s digest wasn’t completed… so …

I start to change her food and give her treatment that let her easy to digest completly…
so did my cats.
now she dosen’t eat her own poo… and not interested in cat’s poo too.

really? I sortof had her stop doing it because I acted very excited and danced around at the sight of poo. Hahahah…

what is the name of the food you are giving her…and the treatment? How is your doggie doing?

in the beggining, she was eating hills
then change it to Royal
then give her drink some fiber Noni Juice…
u can buy it easily cosco or internet ordering …
but also pricy T___T

Little miss thang decided to eat 3 candles today. I think she has ostrich blood in her.