My dog's disgusting habit

Our Siberian husky which is approximately 3 months old has the disgusting habit of eating her own feces. She does not do this when we take her out for a walk, just whenever she poops inside the house. She is paper trained and will poop on the paper, only to turn around and eat it right up. I am not sure if this is a harmful habit, but we sure don’t like the way it makes her breath smell.

Does anyone have a solution that we can try to get her to stop doing this?

Before you go any further, read the Scoop on Poop.

Take her out for walks more often so she doesn’t need to do her business in the house and train her to hold her bowels. Paper training is for puppies. At three months old, it’s time to take the paper away.

Training and especially caring for a Husky in Taiwan is very demanding. I hope you have a lot of free time on your hands. :wink:

Does she give you a kiss after her meal?
Our old dog used to like to eat cat crap!

My Mom used to feed my families Bassett Hound this

Just mix a bit into his food and it will make his poo taste…bad :s

Hope you don’t pick up on your dogs bad habits. :smiley:

It’s nothing to get too worried about. Usually if a dog eats its own feces it means that it isn’t digesting properly or getting enough nutrients. Dog’s crap still has a lot of nutrients in it when they let it out and if they aren’t getting enough of the nutrients into their bodies, they’ll make up for it by eating their own crap. Maybe a change in diet is in call for.

maybe her diet is too high in fat.

dogs eat cat poop because catfood is high in fat, so the poop tastes like ice cream.

my friends dog licked her dirty baby diapers clean, again because of the high fat content of breast milk.

keep the fat content down and maybe that poop will be less desirable.

maybe give her extra things like eggs, carrots, milkbones for treats to get her more vitamins and minerals too.