My favorite place to take my kid(southern taiwan)

I enjoy getting lost and serendipitously came across this huge park a few months ago. It is a bit out of the way. It lies on the border of Kaohsiung and Pintung County, I’m not even sure which county the park is in. It is the size of many football fields and has the most open grass I have seen anywhere in Taiwan. There are two big fields, each about the size of a soccer pitch, with nothing but grass. It has several jungle gyms. There is a road that circles the whole area which is great for letting the kids out to ride bikes without fearing for their lives. No cars or scooters are permitted on this road. They are constantly expanding the park. Now they have an area with trees and an old fighter jet displayed. I believe it is called He Ping Gong Yuan (Peace Park).

The easiest way to get there is to take Highway 3 (the ‘3 in the flower’ sign) to the JiuRu interchange. This puts you on Provincial road 3 (3 in a blue triangle). Follow this road north through the town of LiGang and cross the LiGang Da Qiau (LiGang Big Bridge). As you come off the bridge make a right turn. There will be a gas station on your left, if you pass it you’ve gone too far. This puts you on a narrow road that runs along the river, with the riverbank on your right. There are several roads that take you up and over the riverbank. One of these roads has a little shack with several flags, you must take the road before this one to get into the park’s parking lot.