My first Post and a Heads up on Music! ( and intro)

Hello to all!!!

Been reading this forum for a few months now and finally signed up …wooohooo…

My connection to Taiwan is my best friend here in OZ… she works here and we became very good friends so the best way for me to learn her culture was to check out anything I could about Taiwan etc, hence I found this forum …LOL

One thing I have noticed is that a lot of people have complained about some Radio station ( international closing down etc) Well try out some online web stations…coming from Melbourne Oz I can tell you folk that we have some of the best Public Radio for under-represented music in the World…

1: ( My fave…great music representing so many different genres)

2: (very simliar to PBS but a bit more talky and Commercial but still cool)

Both of these Radio stations Rely upon the public subscribing, and neither of the stations recieve any funding from the Government ! just music lovers!!!

Anyway Hope this has helped anyone who needs a dose of the music they like… and for me I hope the Wall will Keep the Thursday Night Laptop and VJ nights going by the time I am Holidaying in Taiwan so I can check out the local talent!! hahaha Thats very big here in Melb Town~!

PS the carnegies brekky sounds yum on sundays…I will check that out too…but not the pick up scene hahahaha


Take care


Welcome to Forumosa, moogercake. Enjoy your vacay in Taiwan!

I listen to rrr most days. You’re right. It’s a great radio station.

Hey there !!

Sorry for the late replys been busy with work etc etc :raspberry: and havnt been checking this forum out till this week since my last and first post LOL

Anyway yeah RRR is great!!!

I will save this for another post!!! Just saw the greatest live band on earth !!!

Take care Formosaites

Moogercake :smiley:

I’m not a fan of what’s on radio personally, I brought a good 500 cd’s with me here, as well as buy and download albums still, but the best live music and radio I’ve ever came across is It’s non-stop and has every musical genra you can think of on it.