My first post : )

Alright then,

I’ve been here for ages really, lurking in the shadows, but I have never got round to loging on with a username.
So here I am.

I feel like I know most of you already from the dinosaurs like Tigerman, the entrepreneurs like loretta, the helpful like Yellow Cartman and Ironlady, the politicians like Fred Smith, MT and Mofangongren, the overly sarcastic like Tetsuo, Dangermouse, Richardm and Sandman, the ramblers like bob (small “b” I believe) and the generally informative like, well, all of you.

I’m Cindy, 28, female (obviously) and I hail from the United States. I live in Tai Dong most of the time and rarely get chance to visit Taipei.
I’ve been here about 2 years and am liking it pretty much.

Although this site has it’s fair share of bickering, it’s cool. It’s certainly the best site for expats in Taiwan and I have learned alot just reading about other peoples experiences.

I’m a little cheeky, but I hope you’ll see this as a quality rather than a vice. :slight_smile:


Cindy :stuck_out_tongue:

Terrible first post. Didn’t mention me once! :raspberry:

Alright, another candidate for a Taidong Happy Hour. Now if we could just break 4, maybe we would have enough for a party.

Welcome Cindy, I am also from Taidong.


Hey Tigerman, did you see that? Yer a friggin’ DINOSAUR! :laughing: :bravo:

Well, even though you didn’t make fun of me, welcome, Cindy!

And me :s
Well … I’m not that important … without me the world would still spin … and Forumosa would still be posted on … but hey, what are you doing down east? Teaching?
Yeah the bickering … Forumosa is like an old couple … one day they can kill each other, the next they have sex all day … oops did I say that … sorry … :laughing:

Anyhow … welcome and post’m up :slight_smile:

[quote=“Cindy”]Alright then,

I’ve been here for ages really, lurking in the shadows, but I have never got round to loging on with a username.
So here I am.[/quote]

Hi Cindy,

Good idea to lurk then jump in the deep end. Have fun. :slight_smile:

Sarcastic? Me? That’s a joke, right?
Welcome anyway, Cindy. And don’t forget about the highly secretive Women’s Forum where they get up to all sorts of arcane womanly things – PM Erhu for details.

Awwwwwwwwww, rejected again. Not even one mention.

Hmmmm, that could be a good thing.

That’s the Magnificent Tigerman to you, lassie! Show some respect! :stuck_out_tongue:

Howdy Cindy, Welcome! Thanks for the mention. Taidong, not too many of you folks around these parts but hope you contribute to our on-line community :slight_smile:

Welcome Cindy!

Glad to have you join the wild rumpus!

May I ask what finally made you log in??


[quote=“jdsmith”]Welcome Cindy!

Glad to have you join the wild rumpus!

May I ask what finally made you log in??


You jd, you :laughing: you and your … well … euh … f*** … forgot what I wanted to type … lack of words … :noway:

“cheeky”…“cheeky”…Americans don’t say that.

We are wise-guys, mouthy pricks, smart aleks, doofusses and maybe even wisecrackers…but only Brits are “cheeky.” And maybe the occasional Scot - but usually the alcohol renders attempts at being ‘cheeky’ into unconnected blubbering for us, er, them.

Welcome Cindy …join the fun…Please hold onto your ticket. Prizes are called through-out the evening. We validate parking for blue trucks only. Bin lang at the neon lighted booth, get a spit cup while you’re there. Ladies discounts after midnight on Sundays and tuesdays. Happy hour prices from 0900 to 1930. Try some of our famous oer’douerves. Live music friday night, saturday night and Sundays at 1400. Drink up! The more you drink the better we sound - The more we drink the better you look.
Dancing is optional. Strict dress code enforced during the cocktail hour. Tipping is allowed and usually expected. Cover charge after 2100. 4 drink minimum. Draft beer 1/2 prices on wednesdays. The bartender is always right. [b]We do not have valet parking. Not responsible for stolen cars or scooters. Not responsible for lost items. No abusing the waitstaff…unless they ask for it. Please remain seated until we stop the aircraft. We hope you have enjoyed your flight.

politician. . . ugh :doh: and paired up with Fred Smith :help:

Oh, well, if your friends can’t tell you. . .

Thanks for assessment Cindy, I’ll try to mend my ways.

and welcome aboard. :slight_smile:

TC … have you been drinking? … Again? :smiling_imp:

Hey! I can be sarcastic too :raspberry:

Guess I need to start posting more or saying things more stupid than the usual drivel I post to get noticed - helpful would be asking alot

Come on Chewy we know its you.

Me? Sarcastic? Please don’t put me in the same league as Tetsuo, and God forbid, Sandman.
I’m far from reaching their level of expertise :laughing:

Brave first post.
Welcome to Forumosa.

So anyway I was arguing with fred again about abu grahib and that got me thinking of the dream I had last night. I was swimming in a big lake in an even bigger dessert and I was suprised when I swam under the water beacuse the water was so clean and deep and it looked like monument park only upside down. And I could hold my breath forever like and swim down 50 meters or so with no presure on my ears or anything and I thought heck if I can do this I can probably start arguing with those guys over at IP without too much trouble either and who knows tonight I may even be able to fly…

[quote=“TainanCowboy”]“cheeky”…“cheeky”…Americans don’t say that.

Yeah we do. :wink: It’s a big country.