My first Taiwan images on-line. Please give feedback

Here you can find my first Taiwan images:

How do you like them?



Gave you some $G

Yeah, very nice photos. Deserving of some g$. Post some more when you get a chance.

Nice pics. Well worthy of a glossy upmarket travel guide. But you’ve missed out one critically important subject: I didn’t see any pictures of Taiwan’s most exquisite treasure, its adorably gorgeous xiaojies. Add a few of those, with as much of their silky skin on display as your lenses can manage without steaming up, and I’ll throw an extra large handful of guanxi beans into your pot.

Not bad.
You seem to concentrate on the simple lines and partial features of a subject. I like that. Let’s see some “busier” scenes. And humans as omni suggested, although I doubt that you have any love hotel scenes … yet (…silky skin…). :sunglasses:

Life is hard, then you die.

I’m jealous. And c’mon you don’t need any feedback, you know they are great pictures (and more importantly of commercial value). However, I have to agree with Omni and Sandman. If you want to capture the real Taiwan you need to photograph the people; the crowds, the hustle and bustle, the over-loaded scooters, and the the silky-skinned 42kg xiaojies!

Take it easy guys. :laughing: You’re a quite randy bunch :smiley: See ya in the pubs.

Very nice indeed!


I have changed my webpage and added some images. Please, feel free to visit …

I added:
Images of the “Make Love, Not War” Party in Taipei

Images of the Taichong b[/b] Lantern Festival, February 2003

My impression in the Paris’ Subway

Images of the Great Smoky Mountains in Tenesee

In addition, I added numbers to the most images. So, it will be easier to get information about them.
And you can use the info/order to find out more or order the images.

So, have fun for now and don’t forget …

Make Love, Not War…



I double that. Northern Taiwan and Japan are noted for their beautiful, fair skinned asian girls that you can see on the streets everyday. Capturing pictures of them in the busy city environment would be a thing of beauty.


for real, good stuff…it made me teary-eyed that i didn’t go to the make love, not war party from your pics…i knew i should’ve gone!