My fish jump out of the tank and died... :(

My beautiful yellow fish passed away this morning. Sometime after i fed them, he vaulted the walls of his prison and perished on the floor.

This is the third one that’s died like this, and another jumped out and we managed to save it … i think i need to invest in a tank cover!

RIP yellow fish…


Sorry to hear about your sad loss.

RIP yellow fish.


I remember a german guy who had a fish in his office. Nice goldfish. Once while we were sitting there it did the same thing. We put the fish back, and put a lid over the bowl.

That settled it.

Seems to be rather normal, better get bowls where the walls are too high to jump over.

Thanks for the suggestion Mr He, but i don’t think you quite understand. I have a 300l tank, and the fish in question was about 15cm long (the guys that were probably chasing him when he jumped were two tiger oscars of almost 30cm!).

This weekend I intend to get a cover made for the tank, but i’m not sure how i’m gonna explain that to the people here, or where to go for that matter…