My funky web connection

any ideas…

I just installed a D Link DI-524 broadband wireless router with my HInet ADSL.

But sometimes the whole net connection goes funky. Just stops. I can’t even log into my router to reset the connection.

I usually use to connect to the router as most people do.

Any ideas?

I’d hardwire the pc to the router for a while to see if you can isolate if the wireless radio or such is not playing up.

Ditto. Sounds like it could be a loss of wireless signal.

Did you get “Timeout when trying to connect to” or something like that? Or, did it say “error”??? You should follow truant’s advice and let us know specifically what errors you’re getting.

yes, cooling tower. That was what my error message was.

I was connected via LAN, not WAN, too. Everything stopped. I’m guessing it’s Hinet outage. But I have a similar system at school that doesn’t have this problem…

No login interface showed up.

If you can’t access the router, then it’s a network problem in your apartment, not a Hinet problem. It could be that your network card is playing up, the cable could be dodgy, the port on the router might be acting out, the whole router might be having issues…

Try switching ports on your router. If that fails and you’ve got an extra cable, try that.