My GD phone

So in Aug '04, the chief gets T-boned on the road, with resulting squishing of old standby Nokia phone.
So I goes to the store (with compensatory cash in hand), and the Motorola V180 entry-level flipper is cheaper than the newest model of the Nokia.
I’d never used a flipper before, so I figured what the hey.
Pretty good, real sweet software, much better sound.
Here we are, 15 months later, the display is toast.
Everything else works, but to see the display, I have to restart, and as soon as it’s collapsed, the display goes dark.
Now, I know I’m Taiwan, and getting it fixed is probably not an option, and Mrs. the chief has even said to not be stupid and just buy another one.
Any reccies for a low-priced unit that I WON’T need to replace for a couple of years?
I don’t need a cam or sound recorder or WAP crap or anythig else.

Well, I’ve been using a Nokia 3100 for a while now and think it is great…it is a pretty basic Nokia phone…I think it is pretty cheap/worthless now…other than a colour screen, it doesn’t have any fancy features…