My girlfriend is hanging out with another guy


Australia did just vote to legalize same-sex marriage. You may be onto something there. Or maybe the three of them are now in a polyamorous relationship. I’m going with that, cuz it sounds hotter.


OP, here.

I find it absolutely hilarious this topic has been resurrected.

To satisfy your curiosity, I ended up moving to Taiwan, marrying her and we just moved back to the US four years later. We are happily married and she is an amazing woman. This post was a moment of weakness and fear in an otherwise healthy (but also challenging) relationship. As for this particular story, my wife was very naive in her younger years (and sometimes still is) in regard to the attention and motivations of men. But we have come a long way. Hope that brings some of you closure.


Haha we were just having fun. But seriously, congratulations. And cheers for filling us in.

I guess @Dr_Milker wins.


Great news…I was right . That does not happen often.:yum:


Congrats! Always glad to hear about a happy ending (either kind)!



Thank you so much for sharing your happy “ending” (or beginning, as it really is). :slight_smile:


Wow, great update. Congrats!


Congrats. Yes younger ladies tend to think we want to hang out with them only for the stories they have to tell. Little do they know…